What is 14kt gold filled  and  what does gold filled mean?  14kt gold filled jewelry is the affordable solution to real gold. By law, it has 1/20th, by weight layer, of 14kt gold permanently bonded over a core of base metal, like silver, brass, or copper. It has more than a hundred times the amount of gold than gold plated jewelry. Under normal wear and care, 14kt gold filled jewelry will not chip or peel, and can be cleaned just the same as 14kt solid gold. However, those with sensitive skin reactions to certain metals, may experience some discoloration to their skin, but the metal will remain tarnish-resistant like solid gold. 14kt gold filled is long lasting just like solid gold, but economical as well!

Vermeil gold, pronounced ‘vermay’ is a French word describing sterling silver that has been coated with 14kt gold, thicker than that of gold plating, Vermeil gold should be treated with special care, unlike 14kt gold filled, especially during normal wear and cleaning. Vermeil gold consists of 100% precious metals (sterling silver and gold).