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About Kelly Cimber


A lifelong artist, designer Kelly Cimber first discovered her love for handcrafting jewelry while growing up in Connecticut. Her early studies in metal smithing provided the background she needed to win the silver key award for a metal sculpture at the Connecticut state art fair.

Multifaceted, Cimber earned a bachelor of science in management and leadership from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and an associates in residential planning from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. A Lieutenant in the Coast Guard, Cimber was stationed in Miami Beach, Florida and in between coordinating search and rescue and law enforcement cases, she was planning her dream of pursuing a lifelong career in the arts designing jewelry. Cimber Designs was founded in 2008 and by 2010 Kelly Cimber resigned from the Coast Guard making it her full time occupation. 

Cimber (sim-bur) designs in jewelry was created with the trendy high fashion woman in mind. Each piece is handcrafted using 14kt gold filled or sterling silver precious metals, as well as semi-precious stones that are hand selected for their distinctive features and qualities. Influenced by her earlier years of collecting rocks, Cimber designs many of her pieces using stones in their natural raw form and earth elements with her keen sense of high-fashion and beautiful things.

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